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2day is a professional consulting firm specializing in the external appearance of individuals and businesses. Originally, I, Sophie Langer, CEO, studied applied communication and worked for several years as a marketing manager in a large company. In 2016, I completed my studies as a Style Coach in Paris, which inspired me to establish 2day in 2018. My passion for fashion and my understanding of the possibilities of communication are at the core of my business.

My main goal is to assist people in aligning their external appearance with their personality. I am convinced that external appearance has a significant impact on all areas of life, whether in a professional or personal context. The holistic approach of 2day encompasses coaching on inner values such as self-confidence and self-worth, as well as external aspects like colors, clothing, beauty, and skincare. Because when one feels comfortable in their body and skin, it radiates outward.

Furthermore, my company provides comprehensive consulting services related to the appearance of businesses. We assess whether the external representation (Corporate Design, Corporate Branding, Corporate Communication, Corporate Clothing & Corporate Behaviour) aligns with the values and mission of the company. An appealing and coherent external representation brings numerous benefits, including stronger customer and employee engagement as well as increased revenue.

At 2day, the individual needs and goals of our clients take center stage, and I offer tailored solutions to help them unleash their full potential and develop an authentic and compelling outward appearance. Contact us today to learn more about how 2day can assist you in enhancing your external image and achieving your goals.

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