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Accessorize with elegance: how to enhance your outfit with accessories.

Subtle yet remarkable!

No need to break the bank to be fashionable! A few tricks are enough to transform a basic outfit into something exceptional. And the secret lies in accessories!

When choosing your basics, pay attention to some details. Basics, also known as essentials, are the pillars of your wardrobe. It is essential that they have a perfect fit, provide comfort, and are of good quality to last over time. Identify the clothes/basics that you like to wear daily, as they will serve as the foundation for your outfits. Opt for a minimalist layering by choosing pants, a top, and possibly a season-appropriate jacket. There's no need to dare extravagant patterns or follow trends to be modern. Adding cleverly chosen accessories will make all the difference. They will bring that touch of modernity to your outfit without having to spend a fortune.

Now, it's time for accessories to take the lead.

With a bag, jewelry, a hat, a cap, or a bold pair of shoes, every outfit, even the 'dullest' one, can be enhanced. Accessories are chameleons, but they often receive little attention and end up buried in a drawer or closet because we're not sure if they suit us or how to combine them.

Here, 'versatility' is the keyword. You should try different things but wear them individually to avoid overloading the look. Less is more: a beautiful handbag, a statement necklace or several layers of finer chains, a lovely scarf, sunglasses, pretty earrings, a nice belt... The possibilities are numerous, and there's no need to follow trends. For those on a limited budget, upcycling could be an option. You can buy patches, studs, beads, chains at a craft or hardware store to enhance your accessories or older clothing, even create something new. Pinterest offers many creative ideas on this topic.

What should you pay attention to when it comes to accessories to achieve the desired effect?

People who would like to appear shorter should pay special attention to accessories that are both bold and break up the length. Belts and shoes that stand out in color from the rest of the clothing are perfect for this effect. Also, opt for large rectangular or square handbags with short handles. Necklaces, whether long or medium-length, should be of substantial size. If you're a fan of hats, the same principles apply. For men, choose wide ties with horizontal patterns and voluminous tie knots.

People looking to appear taller can opt for delicate, small-sized accessories that visually elongate the silhouette. Thin to medium-length necklaces and elongated earrings are ideal for this effect. Don't hesitate to layer them for added style. Ensure that your stockings and belts match the color of your clothing for visual harmony. Opt for small-sized hats and bags with long straps. Gentlemen, choose slim ties to complete your look.

Contrary to popular belief, people looking to streamline their silhouette should opt for larger accessories rather than smaller ones. Dare to wear bold rings, wide bracelets, statement necklaces, generous scarves, and elegant brooches. For stockings, prefer matte and opaque styles.

As you can see, there are many ways to confidently use your accessories and not let them gather dust in your drawers.

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