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Image consulting. Not for me! Really?

Very often, I am asked questions like, "What colors suit me?" or "What is my color type?" It's true that one could provide a general answer to these questions, but style coaching goes far beyond that. It's a process aimed at self-discovery and becoming aware of one's own beauty as it is. Of course, the right colors and appropriate clothing can make us even more attractive, but it all begins primarily with personality and how one perceives oneself.

Media often impose clothing standards on us and dictate what's in fashion, but we tend to forget ourselves in all of this. Furthermore, although this topic is addressed in several television programs, I find that it's not always approached from a genuine perspective. With this article, I would like to dispel certain misconceptions I've frequently heard in recent months.

"I don't need it; my wardrobe is filled with beautiful dresses and shoes."

For someone who believes they dress perfectly, who isn't willing to try something new, and who doesn't want to step out of their comfort zone, image consulting may not be suitable. For everyone else, please keep reading.

As teenagers, we try out various styles of clothing and eventually settle on the one we like. Often, our environment, friends, family, and the media influence us. We feel comfortable in our clothes and believe that this style suits us. Nowadays, platforms like Instagram show us how to dress and what's in fashion. Yes, we may have many beautiful pieces in our wardrobe, and we may or may not follow trends. But have we really made the most of our appearance with our clothes?

Let's be honest, everyone wants to bring out the best in themselves and highlight their strengths, don't they? But sometimes, we simply don't know what suits us best. Sometimes, we are so locked into our style that we don't even realize it. A professional outside perspective can often help us discover a new facet of ourselves. Here, it's not about discarding existing clothes but rather about combining them in a new way that aligns with our personal style and body shape. It's also about determining if certain pieces are missing so that we can make targeted purchases later on.

Who isn't familiar with this situation?

It sometimes happens that we receive compliments on certain days, while on other days, people ask us if we're sick or tired, even if we're not. Or we find ourselves in a store, and a dress that looks great on our friend doesn't suit us at all, even though we both like it. How is this possible?

Well, in the first case, it's all about wearing the right colors. On the days when you receive many compliments, it's likely that you're wearing colors that suit you perfectly and make you shine. On the other hand, on the other days, you may have chosen colors that don't flatter you. With a little skill, you can discover which colors look good on you, but a color analysis with fabrics will help you identify the full range of colors that suit you. You'll also receive valuable advice on color harmonies, color symbolism, and ideas for incorporating your color palette into your daily life.

Colors have a significant impact on everything near our face, whether it's glasses, makeup, jewelry, hair color, or the tops we wear. With a few simple tricks, we can directly influence our radiance and appearance. Because it's undeniable that the first impression counts, and choosing the perfect colors can help us feel beautiful and radiant, even on the darkest days.

As for the second point, it's highly likely that your friend has a different body shape than yours. Body shape is determined by our bone structure and has nothing to do with our minor imperfections or insecurities. Each body shape is unique and has its own beauty. Once you know your body shape, you'll know exactly how to accentuate it. Insecurities can be cleverly concealed with well-chosen clothing, appropriate colors, patterns, and fabrics. By applying these practical tips in your daily life, you'll quickly find that those around you perceive these changes positively, which will boost your self-confidence.

„It is far too expensive“

It's true that it can represent a certain investment, I grant you that. However, if we consider all the rarely worn or never-used clothes in our closets, their value often exceeds that of an image consultation. Moreover, after the consultation, you'll have all the tools to act independently.

You'll know precisely which clothes enhance your appearance, reducing the risk of inappropriate purchases. This way, you'll not only save money but also time, all while contributing to environmental preservation by avoiding impulsive purchases.

"This doesn't align with my style. I'm not into trends, or I simply don't like it."

Style Coaching is not about following fashion trends or everyone looking the same. It's about finding a style that suits your body shape and personality. Of course, fashion-conscious individuals will receive more advice on current trends. For everyone else, it's important that the style matches their personality and doesn't make them look like they're wearing a costume.

Perhaps my article has brought some clarity, and some people may realize that image consulting could actually be suitable for them. We would be happy to personally assist you in your wishes and goals, so you feel comfortable in your own skin, and it also reflects on the outside.

„Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself!

Coco Chanel

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