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No more frustrating mornings! Save time, money, and well-being by organizing your wardrobe.

„Buy less, choose well, make it last“

(Vivienne Westwood)

Who doesn't love having a well-organized wardrobe? Unfortunately, it's often pushed to the bottom of our to-do list. We keep buying new clothes because we think we have nothing to wear, and our wardrobe quickly overflows. Yet, hidden within this accumulation, there are often forgotten treasures. Statistically, we only wear 30% of our clothes, leaving the remaining 70% to gather dust somewhere, not realizing their full potential. In the end, we end up with clothes that no longer fit us, are damaged, don't match our style, or our body shape, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction. If you recognize yourself in this situation, don't put it off until tomorrow; start organizing your wardrobe now!

When you've never done it before, it's not an easy task because it requires time and perseverance. However, in the end, you will certainly feel more liberated and happier because you'll rediscover many new favorite outfits and save money, realizing that you don't actually need new pieces, or at least not as many as you thought.

Plan for 1 to 2 days for this activity, ideally over a weekend. Once the bulk of the work is done, subsequent times will be much quicker. It's recommended to organize your wardrobe twice a year, in spring and autumn. Depending on the quantity of clothes you have, you can store seasonal items that you're not currently wearing in boxes under the bed or in the attic to make your wardrobe more organized.

Create a pleasant atmosphere by listening to your favorite music; it will motivate you further and put you in a good mood. Also, take short regular breaks to maintain your enthusiasm and not give up at the last step.

Once you've finished...

...resist the temptation to rush to the stores to fill your wardrobe again without thinking. Take the time to create outfits that suit your body shape and style using the clothes you already own, including shoes and accessories. Take photos whenever you particularly like an outfit and feel good in it. This way, you'll build a collection of beautiful ensembles for the future that will bring you happiness and confidence, all while avoiding spending too much time each morning in front of your wardrobe. Make a note of the pieces you're missing and purchase them wisely. For tech-savvy individuals, there are also practical apps that allow you to visually organize your wardrobe.

A well-organized wardrobe offers numerous advantages:

  1. More time and less morning frustration: You'll simply choose from your new favorite outfits.

  2. More savings: By knowing exactly what's missing from your wardrobe, you can make more targeted purchases and avoid unnecessary expenses.

  3. Increased environmental awareness: By avoiding impulsive purchases and unnecessary items, you'll contribute to reducing your ecological footprint.

  4. More freedom, happiness, and well-being: Feeling comfortable in your clothes and expressing your personal style will make you more confident and fulfilled.

If you need assistance in determining your body shape and style or if you'd like help organizing your wardrobe and creating outfits, don't hesitate to contact us.

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